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Australia Day Long Weekend

Dear valued customers,

Australia Day is almost here and so we would like to inform you our office/warehouse will be closed on the:

Monday, 27th January 2020 - CLOSED

Please get your stock orders in for the long weekend as soon as possible. 

Stay safe!
The team at Reliable Food Distributors


We can help!

We are all aware of the devastating affect the bush-fires have had on our sun-burnt country this year.
The continuation of these disasters are testing the resources of firefighters, charities, and animal rescue groups. Many have issued public pleas for financial help, warning of a worsening bush-fire threat and a long road to recovery for affected communities.

We at ...



New cut off times

We are currently undergoing some changes to benefit our delivery process. 
This means effective immediately all orders for following day delivery must be received before 5pm Monday – Sunday with the exception of add-ons till 9pm. 
Emailed orders please email to
We also would like to remind you that our minimum order for ...



Meat Produce Notice

We are writing to inform you about the unavoidable protein shortage which will shortly affect our Australian Meat prices and in turn both our businesses.

What’s happened?
The African Swine fever has moved to China destroying 30% of China’s total Pork supply which is equivalent to 300% of Australia’s total protein production.

How this affects us?
Due to the reduction o...


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