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Food Service Industry Update

Hi all!
Check out our Food Service Industry Update:

We have seen a rising concern amongst our customers in regards to produce. Hopefully the following will shed some light on the situation.


We have seen a drop in our herd sizing and is currently at its lowest in two decades. On the up side the rain has giving hope for increase in beef supply.


Demand for pork has ceased from China due to the trade halt in place as a result of the corona virus. This has left pricing unstable for the short term until the Asian market resumes trade.


Delayed containers and shipments have caused suppliers to be out of stock of numerous items of seafood. In the meantime we are trying our best to give appropriate substitutes at the best  quality and price to our customers but a delay is still expected.


We have noticed an increase in bulk buying especially with the rising concern of the corona virus. To make sure all the needs of our food service customers can be met limitations on various products have been put in place. It is our hope this will prevent shortages and maintain a level of fairness.
We have also made changes to our purchasing schedules have been adjusted to keep up with the demand however stock from our suppliers is limited.
Unfortunately we will be unable to accept the return of stock which was bought in excess or products not used due to the effect of the corona virus.


We have received news from our suppliers, costs for shipping has escalated. This has resulted in expected price increases across the board.

We hope our Food Service Industry Update answered majority of your questions. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the office.

Kind regards
The Reliable Team

meat produce and seafood display
15 March 2020

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