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About Us

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Our Vision

It was early in 2004, when after more than 20 years working in the food/hospitality industry, Ben Gullo decided it was time to take his passion for food to the next level.

His plans were big, but his dream was simple… To run a family-owned business with a personal touch, providing outstanding service selling quality products at the best possible price.

Today, Reliable Food Distributors is a thriving business whose success can be attributed to their ongoing commitment to providing their customers with a range of products and services that are second to none.


Starting as a family business in 2004, our home keeps getting bigger. From our team, to our suppliers and our customers – we’re all family here.



We are proud to support one of the leading foodservice procurement and marketing companies in Australia with a well-known history extending over five decades.

Our partnership not only benefits us but is extended to our customers with our yearly running Best of the Best Foodservice Rewards Program.

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